Matthew Fogg is Running to Annapolis ~Run Fogg Run~ For Delegate for Prince Georges County – District 25                                        

                                Introducing Matthew Fogg


End the School to Prison Pipeline

Advocate for new and support existing efforts such as those identified in the “Doors to Dentention, Prince George’s County Untilization Study

Decrease in the number of youth unnecessarily or inappropriately detained.

Reduction in the number of youth who fail to appear in court or re-offend pending adjudication.

Redirection of public funds towards effective juvenile justice processes and public safety strategies.

Reduction in the disproportionate representation and disparate treatment of system-involved youth of color across decision making points.

Improve juvenile justice system overall.

Advocate for Education and Training of those working in the Criminal/Juvenile Justice System on race relations and diversity sensitivity.

Introduce legislation to allow non-violent offenders to have records expunged with minimal to no cost.

Remove barriers preventing ex-offenders from being productive, employed citizens.

Seek legislation to end “prisons for profit” initiatives.

Reform Criminal Justice System.

Advocate for intervention and prevention programs during and after school.

Advocate for funding to support prescreening for Behavioral and Mental Health challenges beginning in preschool as immediate intervention.

Advocate for Education and Training for educators on race relations and diversity sensitivity.

       Advocate for during and after school prevention

Advocate for improvements in Veterans Services

         Shorten qualification processes for medical benefits.

         Help to create jobs for Veterans.

Support Small Businesses

Work to eliminate regulatory red tape.

Provide tax incentives.

Find additional funds to support small business growth, development and sustainability.

Advocate for the Women’s Equal Rights Amendment

As an Activist, I have personally sponsored seven resolutions which passed before the B.I.G. National Delegates: Racial Profiling; D.C. Tax Without Representation; Racism in the War On Drugs; Genocide in Darfur; Appeal of the U.S. Patriot Act;Suspension of TASERS by Police Officers; and, Abolishing the U.S. Death Penalty.  My exemplaryservice speaks for itself. When you cast your vote for Maryland Delegate for District 25 – vote for a leader with a proven track record to uphold his oath to serve without compromising his values or your trust.

  Early voting begins June 12th and lasts through June 24th

Remember to Vote for Matthew FOGG for Delegate – District 25

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